Expat service

We help expats find their (temporary) home in Curacao.

Relocating services, specifically designed for expats and their families. If you are looking for accommodation for yourself or for your staff in Curacao, Keller Williams Curacao is what you need. We offer a fully tailored relocation service designed to meet the individual needs of every company and individual.

Relocating to Curacao and looking for a reliable expat-friendly service to assist you with a smooth transition into a (temporary) new home? Let us help you along! We provide you with the most suitable properties, from both our own listings and from agents in our network and guide you through the administrative steps. We inspect the house or apartment and make sure you can move in without problems or questions afterwards.

If an employee is relocating to Curacao from abroad to work for your company and you want to find temporary housing for them, with or without their family, then we can find them a suitable partly or fully furnished home. Contact us for more information on our corporate expat relocation services.

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