Non-residents Buying Guide

Owning property on Curaçao is easier than you think!

Here are a few facts about purchasing property on the Island that you should know:

You do not have to be a permanent resident of the island to buy a home or plot of land — contrary to what you may have heard. You can buy a home either on property land or lease land. The buying process is the same for non-residents as it is for local residents. There are no restrictions on foreign buyers acquiring real estate in Curacao.

When you become a non-resident homeowner, you’ll have the right to live on the island for:

  • 180 days per year with Dutch or American (USA) citizenship
  • 90 days for all other European citizens
  • 30 days for South-American citizens

If you purchase property on Curacao and want to become a permanent resident you get residency permits as follows:

  • ANG 450,000: Indefinite permit possible*
  • ANG 500,000: 3-yr renewable permit
  • ANG 750,000: 5-yr renewable permit
  • ANG 1,500,000: Indefinite permit

Property Land

When discussing property land in Curacao, this type of land is owned outright by the owner of the deed. On property land you pay a yearly ‘property tax’ to the local tax office.

Lease Land

Besides property land you can buy properties which are built on lease land. This land is owned by the Land of Curacao (Government). A fee is paid for these lease rights. After the period of maximum of 60 years, you will have to request to extend the lease. After the approval, the lease duration is another maximum of 60 years. For lease land a fee is paid by the lease land user.*

*contact us for more information

Land Tax

The most attractive fact when considering the purchase of a home in Curacao — the costs related to the ownership of a house or land are very affordable.

The only yearly tax you have to pay is called land tax. This land tax is usually based on the selling price and is paid per year.

See table for your costs of OZB (Prices are in ANG)